Friday, November 2, 2012

dining out: the pretzel bakery

My Uncle Mike has a pretty ridiculous idea for a fantasy restaurant. It's called House of Toast. The breakfast menu would include toast (white or wheat) and English muffins. To drink, you can have coffee (Maxwell House or Sanka) or cans of juice (orange or tomato). And that's it. No bagels. No apple juice. No substitutions.

The Pretzel Bakery is kind of ridiculous like that. I mean, this is a restaurant that is devoted to soft pretzels. And only pretzels. That's quite a niche, isn't it? But it is so awesome. 

(Although you can get your choice of mustards and dips. Tony's recommendation: caramel mustard.) 

The Pretzel Bakery has a walk-up window, and you can get your pretzels to go, or you can eat them on the patio outside. There's no inside seating.

The location is off the beaten path. It's at 15th Street and D Street Southeast. But despite the niche market and the location, the Pretzel Bakery seems to be doing well. Every time I go there, a handful of people are hanging out on the patio. If you're in the area, it's worth stopping. Pretzels are $2 each.

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