Thursday, November 22, 2012

life: meet my turkey

Say hello to our Thanksgiving turkey!

PSYCH! That's a butternut squash.

Tony and I are on our own this year for Thanksgiving. Work schedules are keeping us in D.C. for the holiday instead of in Ohio with our family. And since I'm the one cooking Thanksgiving dinner, ain't no turkey on the menu.

Today we'll be having butternut squash risotto, cornmeal spoon bread, almond green beans, cranberry sauce, caramel pecan pie, and egg nog. Most of these are new recipes for me, and I'll post the keepers on the blog. (I have particularly high hopes for the cornmeal spoon bread and the caramel pecan pie.)

But damn do I miss my family today. I miss my spot at the kids' table. I miss the inevitable conversation about Cleveland news personality Wilma Smith. (I don't know why they always must talk about her. But they do. Every Thanksgiving. For decades.)

But I have Tony and the cat and a beautiful house, and for that I am grateful. We are happy and in love and have several episodes of Downton Abbey to enjoy today.

And we will have a little bit of Ohio in our home today. Tony's family has a tradition to do a craft together every Thanksgiving, and we got a package in the mail yesterday from his aunt with the supplies we'll need to do our craft from afar. It was sweet of her.

Happy Thanksgiving, world.

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