Thursday, March 14, 2013

decor: flower pot rehab

My father-in-law goes to a lot of auctions, so last year I asked him to keep an eye out for large terra cotta pots that I could use in my garden. Sure enough, he bought me a huge box of pots that I used for tomatoes, peppers and other veggies. And the box included a couple of extra ceramic pots that I stored the shed and forgot about until recently.

I bought some new houseplants at Lowe's, and Tony and I went out to the shed to find some pots for them. I already had a can of white paint out for another project, so when I came across this weirdly spotted pot in the shed, I got thinkin.

You probably already guessed what I did, didn't you? I painted it white.

Even I was surprised at how good it turned out. I kept the inside black and the bottom black, and the contrast is beautiful.

For the saucer, I took an extra terra cotta saucer and painted it black. Easy as pie.

I took something that didn't go with my house at all and turned it into a nice decor element with just a few strokes of paint.

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