Monday, March 25, 2013

decor: ikea cabinet has been found

Good news, guys! Remember that discontinued Ikea cabinet that I couldn't find at the store last month? I was able to track down one on Craigslist, and Tony and I brought it to its new home yesterday.

These Ikea PS cabinets are few and far between on Craigslist, believe me - I've been checking a couple of times a week. But as luck would have it, a woman who lives in my neighborhood was getting rid of this one, so Tony and I didn't have to travel very far to pick it up.

The cabinet is the perfect size for my entryway, between the front door and the couch, and it solves all kinds of storage problems. We're keeping the shoes that we wear most often underneath of the cabinet, and the inside shelves already are filled with things I just never found the right place for. Like the paper shredder. (The cabinet came with holes for cords to come out of the back.) The paper shredder had just been sitting beside the TV all this time. Much better now that it's hidden inside of the cabinet.

I threw my orange Ikea lamp on top of the cabinet. And on the other side I have a little wooden box with a couple of bear jars that I found in my room at my parents' house when I was in Ohio over Christmas.

Aren't they cute? I'm not sure exactly what they held originally (syrup? honey?), but the empty jars were supposed to double as banks.

I don't think I've ever posted photos on this blog of the bookshelves by the front door, so here's another shot.

My dad built them for me, and they're where Tony and I keep all of our non-fiction. (The fiction books are on shelves in our bedroom and upstairs hallway.)

And a few months ago I was experimenting with hanging different-sized frames along the edge of the bookshelf, and it didn't look right, but as I was taking the frames down, I liked the way it looked to keep just one frame. It's off-center, but it's unexpected, and I really dig it.

So, the Ikea cabinet story has a happy ending. And I no longer have to see the paper shredder out of the corner of my eye when I watch TV.

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