Wednesday, September 12, 2012

dining out: star and shamrock

Husband's birthday requests: liverwurst and bourbon. I mean, the liverwurst part was pretty disgusting, but any birthday celebration that includes bourbon is A-OK by me.

First stop of the evening: Star and Shamrock on H Street, where said liverwurst was procured. Birthday Boy's sandwich also included coleslaw, bacon and onions. In case you were curious what such a sandwich would look like (or want proof that someone actually would order that for his birthday dinner), here you go:

The food isn't fancy, but it's tasty. I'm a big fan of Star and Shamrock. It's a pub and a deli. It's Irish and Jewish. It's got a nice big bar to sit around, and it has a cool neighborhood pub vibe. Every time I've been there, it's been low-key, and that was especially the case when we were there for Tony's birthday, which was on Monday. Trivia was starting as we were wrapping up our meal. Tony and I considered playing, but we abandoned the idea after hearing the first question. (We didn't understand about half of the words in the first question.) Trivia, clearly not our strong suit. Unless it's a question about a movie, director, or actor -- then Tony's your man. Total movie geek.

With full bellies, we made our way back home, where we spent the rest of the evening sipping a selection of fine Kentucky bourbons. I think it's clear the two of us were made for each other, isn't it? Happy birthday, Tone <3

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