Tuesday, September 18, 2012

wedding: mike & jen snapshots

A few years ago, after a friend of mine got married, she told me that she missed the wedding planning and that she wanted to go back and plan it all again. To which I wanted to say: Um, are you crazy, girl?? As much as I loved our wedding day, I'm so happy it was a one-time deal. 

But I love being a wedding guest. I love showing up for weddings, having a few cocktails, enjoying the decor, eating the cake. And having planned a wedding once myself, I really do appreciate how much effort brides and grooms put into their wedding days, especially the decor details.

On Saturday, Tony and I hopped on the bus and spent the evening at Mike and Jen's house celebrating their wedding. The actual ceremony was last month in Dolly Sods, W.V. They got married in a very small ceremony with their siblings as witnesses. They followed it up a couple of weeks later with a reception for the rest of their family back home and now a second reception for their friends in D.C.

One of the decor details that I loved: Jen set mason jars around the house, some with candles in them and some with these bright sunflower arrangements. 

I told you earlier in the summer about the guestbook family tree that Jen and I made for their family reception. (Which I have seen finished, by the way, and it looks fabulous with the fingerprints. I'll post pics once it's framed.) For the D.C. reception, Mike and Jen came up with an equally fabulous, nontraditional guestbook idea: We each filled out personalized Mad Libs about their marriage. 

Closeup shot of the Mad Libs cards:

Another great DIY project: Mike and Jen bought cabinet doors for $1 each at Community Forklift. They painted the frame to match the sunflower yellow theme and used chalkboard paint for the face of the cabinet. Then they wrote the food and drink menus on the signs. Here's the food menu, featuring dinner that was catered by Carmine's in Penn Quarter.  

Here's another nice touch I liked from the wedding: puzzle piece cake toppers. It's a fitting choice because Mike and Jen do puzzles together. (Get it ... FITTING.)

And while I'm posting detail shots from Saturday night, I have to show you a photo of a great flamingo bracelet I wore to the wedding. Tony and I were wandering around our neighborhood Saturday morning and stopped at a garage sale, where I picked this up for $3. I actually bought it to give to my mom because she has a thing for flamingos. But I had to give it a test run first. Pretty, isn't it?

And here's the necklace I wore for the evening, which actually is another garage sale find in D.C. I got this one in the spring for only a dollar (!).

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