Monday, July 30, 2012

project: wedding guestbook

Jen came up with a cute idea for a non-traditional wedding guestbook -- a guest tree, if you will. It's poster of tree trunk and branches, and guests will use green and yellow ink pads to fill in the leaves with their fingerprints. 

So the two of us settled in for some DIY time Sunday afternoon to work on the poster. (Meanwhile, Tony and Mike decided they didn't have much to contribute to the project, so they split and spent the afternoon at Trusty's on Pennsylvania Avenue in Southeast.)  

Mike and Jen got the art board at Michaels for about $6, and we used acrylic paints, which dry fast. I made one practice tree and then painted the real thing freehand with the smallest brush I have. 

And here's the finished project, just waiting for the fingerprints! 

They plan to buy a 16-by-20 frame and matting and hang the tree in their house. I think it's a sweet symbol of them combining two families with their marriage. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

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