Friday, July 13, 2012

the garden: broccoli harvest

So, apparently this is what broccoli looks like when it's growing: 

Maybe you already knew that. I had no idea. When I was in Ohio last month, my dad sent me home with a broccoli plant that he started from seed, which was a nice addition to my garden. I'm not sure it's a vegetable that I would grow again next year. It doesn't make a lot of sense to grow broccoli in my teeny tiny backyard because it takes up valuable real estate that I could be using for more prolific plants, like peppers and tomatoes. But it's been a fun experiment, and the broccoli itself is quite good when it's fresh. I harvested the broccoli last week, and already there's another head growing off the side of the stem, so hopefully we get some more out of this plant.

I had heard you need to wash homegrown broccoli in salt water to kill tiny little bugs that get in the florets. So I did.

But no little bugs floated to the surface, which means either (a) my broccoli was bug-free, or (b) my salt bath failed, and we ate the bugs. Either way, it was good!

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  1. It will be most successful if sown as a fall crop throughout the waxing stages of the moon. However, certain gardeners contend that it flourishes best as a two-season crop for both jump and fall. In either case vegetation when the moon is growing in dimensions.

    Russell Solomon