Monday, July 2, 2012

d.c.: the storm

As The Storm and its 70-mile-per-hour winds approached D.C. on Friday evening, I heeded the advice of the TV weatherman, and I moved myself to the dining room in center of the house, as far away from the windows as possible. Meanwhile, Tony and my brother-in-law Ian, who was in town for the weekend, clearly didn't worry so much and grabbed the window seats at Biergartenhaus on H Street and watched folks outside run for cover and try to catch cabs. Mercifully, after living for part of the week without AC in 100-degree temperatures, the power stayed on at our house during The Storm; 1.5 million other houses in the area weren't so lucky.  

When we got out of the house Saturday morning, trees and branches were all over the place. This poor car, which was parked on 12th Street Southeast near Frager's, had a tree limb through its windshield.  

Apparently Mother Nature does not listen to sassy bumper stickers. 

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