Wednesday, July 25, 2012

dining out: kushi

Early last week, I made a dinner reservation for Friday at Kushi. And as soon as I made the reservation, all I could think about was sushi. Spicy rolls. Soft inari. Salty edamame. Expectations were through the roof. 

So when Friday rolled around, I hopped on the metro after work and met Tony at Kushi in Mt. Vernon Square. The meal did not disappoint. Kushi is the best sushi I've had in D.C.

I only made the reservation a few days before we went, which means we had to eat on the early side of the evening. Which worked out well for Tony because apparently they only bought 10 servings of squid legs for the evening, and Tony was able to order one of them. I don't know why someone would want to eat squid legs, but he did, and that's all he could talk about the rest of the night. Said squid legs: 


The squid legs were under the "wood grill" part of the menu, and Tony and I agreed that's the part of the menu that consistently has the best dishes. 

If you keep your eye on Living Social deals, I've spotted several $30 offers for $60 of food at Kushi. I'd recommend snapping it up. Tony and I went a little bit over our $60 deal, and we ate well. And make your reservation early.  

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