Monday, July 2, 2012

life: eastern market cake & sausages

Scott and Michele stopped by Saturday morning with a cake in hand. Apparently it's a Chinese tradition to bring your friends and family cakes as a thank-you for helping out after your baby is born. This is my new favorite tradition. I am on board with any tradition that involves cake.  

It's a strawberry cake from the bakery at Eastern Market, and it was quite tasty. I've never had anything bad from that bakery. My brother-in-law Ian, who lives in London with my sister was visiting for a long weekend, and the three of us managed to put a good dent in it. 

Before Ian came, I was making the grocery list for the week, and I called my mom to ask what kind of dinners she makes for Ian when he's at her house. Without hesitation, she said sausages. Any kind of sausages. Hot dogs. Bratwurst. Kielbasa. The man likes his sausages. So we had sausages Friday night. Tony and Ian picked out some whiskey-fennel-onion sausages from Eastern Market, and both gave them high marks. They said the whiskey added a sweet flavor. (Meanwhile, yours truly, the vegetarian, chowed down on a veggie sausage.) Here's Tony's sausage, topped with onions and hot banana peppers from the garden:  

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