Tuesday, July 31, 2012

life: 'stock the bar' shower

Here's a fabulous idea for a wedding shower. You can tuck it into the recesses of your memory and pull out if you ever find yourself hosting a shower. A Stock the Bar Shower. No sheet sets or mixing bowls at this party. Everyone brings a bottle of liquor as a gift to help the betrothed stock their bar. 

And that's exactly how Tony and I spent Saturday night, celebrating the upcoming nuptials of Mike and Jen, whose wedding is next month.

Isn't that a great idea for a shower theme? Especially if you're throwing a shower for your friends, want to host a co-ed affair, and want to steer clear of a traditional shower.

Drink up indeed! 

1 comment:

  1. Great! Bar theme wedding shower is a supercilious idea. I am definitely going to follow this for my best friend's bridal dinner. Will look some similar party venue online and get them booked for a surprise party. Favors and decorations will of course be DIY. Drinks will all be ordered online and that too branded ones. Eagerly waiting for unlimited fun.