Tuesday, July 24, 2012

decor: vintage vases

I planted a variety pack of sunflowers in the spring, and they've all grown to a nice mix of sizes. I picked some of the smallest ones and put them in three white vintage bud vases. It's always nice to have fresh flowers in the house, especially ones you grew yourself.

I adore these vases. Before my wedding, my mom and grandma spent months looking around thrift stores and flea markets for these vases. They found hundreds of them, and my mom only spent a quarter or 50 cents on each of them. We ordered cream-colored roses from Sam's Club to put in the vases, and we put groupings of the vases, along with candles, on each of the tables.

The guests took most of the vases home, but I kept a few of them for myself. I have three of them on my mantle, and it's nice to incorporate a piece of our wedding into our decor.

And how's this for crazy. Tony and I were at an antique store in Maryland a few weeks ago, and I saw one of these vases -- for $13!


  1. I definitely have one that sits in my kitchen. Love those vases. I should have made off with a handful :)

    1. lol, I love it! I can think of at least three friends who have the vases on display!