Friday, September 21, 2012

things to do: fall festivals

Tony and I are out on H Street fairly regularly, but it's different every time we're there. We were up there again last weekend for the H Street Festival and walked from 14th Street to 8th Street and noticed a handful of new restaurants. Like Cusbah -- where'd that come from? The Yelp reviews look pretty good -- we may have to check it out and see for ourselves.

So it's the time of year for fall festivals. In theory, I really like festivals. As soon as I read about a festival or fair, I put it on my calendar and make a point to go if I can. But then, when I get there, the reality sets in: the crowds are dense, and the lines are so long. 

And the H Street Festival definitely was crowded. The line for the beer garden was laughably long. Although we did do some good people watching. 

Like this lady in a lifeguard-type chair, who was dressed like a gypsy and was telling people's fortunes for free. Tony took the bait. He pulled the fool card, but don't worry -- she assured him that's a good thing.

And here's a guy who was doing flips on a pogo stick. Not something you see every day.

And this dude was using a magnifying glass to meticulously burn/carve a buffalo into the wood. Also not something you see every day.

For the festival lovers among us, we have three options for this weekend. 
  • Barracks Row Fall Festival/D.C. State Fair. As you know, Tony has a history with state and county fairs. I have a feeling he'd be super disappointed in this urban area's attempt at a state fair. He says a fair, in order to be legit, has to have (1) cows; (2) funnel cakes; and (3) a ferris wheel. Yeah, he's definitely going to be disappointed. Website.
  • National Book Festival. Avi. Lois Lowry. R.L. Stine. Awesome. Website.
  • D.C. VegFest. There's a photo of a person wearing a giant carrot suit on the website. I hope that human carrot is back again this year. Website.

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