Monday, September 10, 2012

the garden: celery update 2

That cool fall weather that I've been waiting for finally showed up Sunday. Low humidity, mild temperatures, nice breezes -- perfect for painting furniture on the patio, doing some gardening, taking a walk through the neighborhood. And sleeping with the windows open, something Tony and I did for the first time since the beginning of the summer.

It also was the perfect weather for my celery plant to thrive. That is, you know, if my celery plant STILL EXISTED.

(Recap: I've been attempting to grow my own celery from the base of an old stalk. See my original post and my first update.)

It turns out that last week, someone dug up the entire plant and took it with them, leaving a big hole. They also left a few leaves, just to taunt me. I don't have enough evidence to convict, but all circumstantial evidence points to the damned squirrel that lives in my alley as being the culprit.

Squirrels: 2. (Including the tomato crime.)

Jessi: 0.

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