Monday, August 27, 2012

the garden: celery update 1

You were skeptical that I'd be able to grow a new celery shoots from the butt of an old stalk, weren't you? Well, I'm happy to report that Phase One of my celery experiment is going swimmingly and just as planned. (Read my first post on growing celery.)

This is how the plant looked Sunday, after sitting in a bowl of water on the patio for 12 days. (I changed the water every day or two.) The new growth looks great. The old base is starting to rot away.

Time to go in the ground. I buried the old stalk, so only the new growth is above the ground. Celery likes cool weather, so I put it in the shade of my green pepper plant, which I hope saves it from the last of the summer heat.

My two previous attempts at growing celery ended here because the plants died shortly after going into the ground. Hopefully my thumb has become more green since then. Stay tuned.

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