Thursday, August 23, 2012

life: unstuck light bulb

And what do we have here? 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an unstuck light bulb.

The light bulb in our downstairs bathroom burned out last night, and Tony quickly discovered that we had a stuck lightbulb situation on our hands. Which prompted yours truly to Google the phrase "stuck light bulb." Which brought me to this super helpful video from Real Simple.

Watch the video for full instructions, but the bottom line is that you make the duct tape into handles that give your turns more oomph to get the bulb unstuck. My skeptical husband is now a believer. File this tip in the Good Ideas folder.

P.S. That incandescent bulb was there when we moved in, I swear! We replaced it with a CFL.


  1. I've actually used the potato trick, which makes good use of the inedible greenish potato that winds up in each 5-pound bag.

    1. The potato only works if the light bulb is broken - this duct tape trick works on bulbs that are still in tact