Tuesday, August 21, 2012

decor: white bed linens

I'm in love with all-white beds. To me, they are classic and romantic. Clean and soft. A restful place where you want to lay down and take a nap. 

Jamie has white linens on his bed, and I love, love how it looks, and I decided I wanted to do the same thing in our second bedroom. When we moved in to our house about a year ago, I made the guest bed with mismatched sheets, pillowcases, and bedspreads that we've accumulated over the years. And over the past year, I've slowly been accumulating all the pieces for a matching bed: bedspread from Bed Bath & Beyond, quilt from my mom's linen closet, pillowcases from Marshalls, and -- finally last weekend -- shams from T.J.Maxx. 

Drum roll, please ...

(You may recognize those white sheer curtains from this post.)

The shams were the last piece of the puzzle. The first time I priced shams, my mouth dropped. Like, $50 for one nice sham? And $20 for a poorly made one? (The sham and bedspread on my own bed were a gift.)

So I stopped in my beloved T.J.Maxx last weekend to look for shams, and, lo and behold, I found some nice quilted ones for $15. I usually go into T.J.Maxx around the change of the seasons to look around. Maybe I'll find a pair of jeans. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll find a winter coat. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll find a dress to wear to a wedding. Or maybe not. But very rarely do I go into T.J.Maxx with a shopping list and find what I'm looking for. It's hit or miss. I must've been lucky last weekend.

And now the guest bed is ready and waiting for guests! 


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  2. I love all-white beds tooo! And the guest room looks gorgeous! Nice job :)