Friday, August 10, 2012

small spaces: blanket storage

Let me introduce you to my latest storage conundrum. Blankets. 

I've been cleaning out the closet in our second bedroom and under the beds, and I've discovered that Past Jessi tucked blankets everywhere. And when I gathered them up and put them all in one place, I realized I had a storage conundrum on my hands. Where in my teeny, tiny rowhouse am I going to store a sleeping bag, three crocheted blankets, two quilts, and three blankets? (And this is after I put three blankets in the Goodwill pile.)

I was talking to my mom on the phone about my storage issue, and my dad piped up. Between the mattress and box spring in your bed. Brilliant idea, Dad. Simply brilliant. He's an unexpected source for storage solution ideas, but I'll take it. I grew up in a really cute house in Northeast Ohio that was built in 1920. It's not as teeny, tiny as my D.C. house, but I would still call it quite small. My parents moved into a bigger house after I left for college (go figure), but my dad said he picked up a thing or two about storage solutions, having raised two kids in a small space.

So I laid out the blankets on top of the bed and arranged them to be relatively flat.

And under the mattress they went.

And there have been no princess-and-the-pea moments. Tony and I can't tell there are any blankets under there. 

And here's the layout under the guest bed: 

I put the last blanket under the couch cushions. This is the blanket we use in the wintertime when we watch TV on the couch, so it's in a convenient place once the weather cools down.

Jessi: 1. 

Storage conundrum: 0. 

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