Thursday, December 20, 2012

decor: christmas decorations

Want to see some of the Christmas decorations in my house? I didn't go overboard this year, but there's definitely some holiday cheer in the Tony-Jessi household.

I'll start with my favorite: this vintage plastic Santa, who is strategically placed by the fireplace, as if he just came down the chimney. Stole it from my mom's basement last year, haha.

And then there's this vintage plastic Snowman lamp.

I bought these carolers at a flea market this year, and they're hanging out on the table by my front door

These cute little salt and pepper shakers were a Christmas gift from my mom.

And of course we have a tree, which is of the fake variety. Most of the ornaments are from when Tony and I were kids; now that we're all growed up, we've gotten them from our parents' houses over the past few years. There's a "J" on this little guy's right foot and a "1989" on the other.

And there's a "1987" on the back of Tony's train.

Merry Christmas!

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