Friday, October 12, 2012

dining out: sticky rice

On Saturday evening, after our brewery tour, Tony, Jamie and I wandered down to H Street looking for dinner. Our first stop was Toki Underground, where the host said the wait would be 2 hours and 20 minutes. No thanks. (Seriously, I would be happy to spend money there at some point if the wait was ever reasonable or if they took weekend reservations.) Anyway, the three of us kept walking down H Street and wandered into Sticky Rice, where I was pleasantly surprised to hear there was no wait.

We ordered a bucket of tater tots as an appetizer. Of course. Because how can you go to Sticky Rice and not order a bucket of tots? And I ate them with chopsticks. Of course I did. How do you eat your tater tots? 

My meal was fabulous. I was in the mood for lots and lots of vegetables, and the veggie tofu medley hit the spot.

That said, neither Tony nor Jamie finished their meals. Tony had the dirty vegan, which he said was "too coconut-y," and Jamie had the mock chicken szechuan (with real chicken), which he said was "too hot." Whatever -- mine was delicious! Many many stars for Sticky Rice. Extra stars for not having a wait.

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