Wednesday, October 10, 2012

things to do: dc brau brewery tour

Tony, Jamie, and I piled in the car Saturday afternoon and drove to the DC Brau brewery. We heard it has free tastings and tours on Saturdays from 1-4 p.m., and we wanted to check it out.

The brewery is way, way out in the Northeast part of the city, in a neighborhood you would never normally venture to. It's in an industrial area on Bladensburg Road, in an alley behind a post office.

But once we got inside, it felt like we just walked into a party at the house of a friend of a friend. The three of us got samples of each of the four beers on tap and drank them while sitting on folding chairs on the loading dock. And all of the beers were fantastic. My favorite was the Belgian beer, called the Citizen.

It's not a huge operation, and we got a tour from the CEO himself, whose shirt made me smile:

He told us about all the ways DC Brau is expanding to keep up with demand. After the tour, I found myself invested in the brewery's success as a small business, rooting for it to succeed. DC Brau has a new fan.

Here's the canning machine, which reminded me of something that Lucille Ball would've had fun with.

And look at all of these cans, just waiting to be filled with delicious beer.

I came home with a couple six-packs. (They also fill growlers on Saturday afternoons.) And I'm adding the brewery to my list of places visitors might like to see when they're in D.C.

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