Tuesday, October 16, 2012

decor: home with antiques

Tony and I got back to D.C. yesterday afternoon after spending a long weekend visiting our families and some friends in Ohio. It was a great trip, and it was cool to spend some time in a swing state so close to the election. While I was there my parents' phone rang dozens of times with calls from pollsters and politicians. And every other commercial on TV seemed to be for Obama, Romney, Obama, Romney.

Anyway, prices at antique stores are crazy inexpensive in that part of the country (compared to D.C.), so every time Tony and I visit, we come back with an carload of stuff from various antique stores, thrift stores, flea markets, or auctions. And this trip was no different. The backseat and trunk were stuffed with treasures for our house.

I've got a lamp, mirrors and some other decorative pieces in my living room right now, and I'll spend the next few weeks trying them out in various parts of the house to see where I like everything best -- so stay tuned.

But I'll give you a sneak peak of one of my favorite pieces. I saw it at an antique store in Berlin, Ohio, and I said to Tony, "I think we need to have this in our house." And he said, "Yes. Yes, we do." And that is how I came to acquire this fabulous white-and-gold elephant planter. Now to figure out where to put it.

I spent a few minutes searching for my elephant online, and I didn't come up with anything. Although I did see this similar squirrel planter at Etsy, which is just was fabulous.

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