Friday, October 5, 2012

dining out: we the pizza

Here are my thoughts about going out to dinner on a Friday. I like to go right from work, so Tony and I can spend the rest of the evening in our PJs on the couch with Netflix. (I acknowledge that makes me sound old, but whatever.) But we never know what time time we'll be done with work, so we end up missing reservations. So, for me, making a reservation, wearing heels, putting on big earrings -- that's all Saturday night stuff.

I'm posting this on a Friday because We, The Pizza is everything I like in a Friday restaurant -- it's casual and good. No reservations or fancy heels required. The food is greasy and indulgent, which is how we should all end the work week, right?

Here's the pizza with peppers and mozzarella that Tony ordered when we ate We, the Pizza a few weeks ago. 

Is it the best pizza I've had in D.C.? No. But it's tasty, above-average pizza, served in a cool and casual atmosphere, and it's convenient for folks who live or work on the Hill.

We, the Pizza is on Pennsylvania Avenue at Third Street, Southeast.


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