Friday, October 26, 2012

things to do: union market

Last Saturday afternoon, Tony, Jamie and I finally checked out the new Union Market in Northeast. It's a large warehouse near Gallaudet University, and the vendors sell everything from fresh vegetables to oysters to pickles to cheese.

We grabbed dinner at the market. Jamie and I got some food at TaKorean, which sells Korean BBQ tacos. TaKorean has a food truck around D.C. and now also has this stand in Union Market.

Tony ordered some oysters from Rappahannock Oyster Co. And he ordered a beer. At least on a Saturday evening, the oyster place seemed to be the place to be because it was the only vendor serving beer.

The vendors we talked to said more vendors will be opening soon on both the first and second floors. Right now, Union Market is kind of limited. And it's not in the most convenient location. (Florida Avenue is the closest Metro stop, but we drove.) But I'm really rooting for it. The building is industrially beautiful. And I hope the new vendors bring more variety (and more beer options) to make it a destination spot.


After dinner, the three of us spent the rest of the evening on U Street, at two bars I hadn't been to before but which I like very much now. First, we had some cocktails on the rooftop bar at Braxton at Ninth and U streets. Great rooftop bar on a mild evening. Then we walked down the street to American Ice at Ninth and V streets, where we grabbed a picnic table on the front patio and had some more drinks. Tony and Jamie ordered some swachos (swine + nachos), which wasn't my thing, but the two of them seemed to enjoy it plenty.

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