Sunday, October 28, 2012

life: halloween candy & halloween puppy

As I type this, Tony is outside cleaning the gutters. He's also raking up leaves, so they don't crowd the drain and flood the backyard. The wind is starting to pick up. It's getting chilly. The hurricane is on its way.

And we are now fully stocked with Halloween candy. Always be prepared. I couldn't remember how many pieces we gave out last year, but it was in the hundreds. I got 280 this year. Hopefully I estimated correctly.

And speaking of Halloween, Tony, Jamie and I stopped by Camille and Matt's house this afternoon to meet their new, 12-week-old puppy, Ducky. Who is going as a distinguished gentleman for Halloween. How cute is this guy.

I tried to convince Tony that Victor should get a Halloween costume when we were at Target getting the candy. He said no. He doesn't believe in dressing up animals. I, however, think it's adorable if the animal's into it. And Ducky clearly is into it.

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